All that gain power, are afraid to lose power; My brother needs to be stopped~Crystaall, before the Duel of Family

== Short Biography==

Crystaall is a self-centered woman, looking for a fight at any time and any day. She has a heart of steel and is a dare-devil. Being a force-sensitive, Crystaall learned the ways of the force on her own, after Order 66. She is not one to be meddled with. Has 2 twin blaster pistols, a double-bladed saber, and 2 single-handed sabers.

== Early Years==

Her childhood was harsh, yet very intiguing. Shown to the Jedi Council at the age of 5, she passed the test but was seen as a threat for a particular reason that is not on record. Therefore, she was sent to be an Elite Corps. soldier, to guard Coruscant specifically. When the Clone Wars started, she was appointed to Squad 99 (later known as Hostile Kompanions during the Galactic Civil War). During her teenage years, more specifically Order 66, Empoer Palpatine had Crystaall's own Squad members turn against her (mainly becuase they were clones). Fortunately Crystaall was able to force them to believe the Empoer was the bad guy until she realized a more noticeable threat, Dominikk Sehefadu, her forgotten brother.

== The Rise of the Empire==

Her squad fled and was later broken up on Tatooine. Crystaall found Gregkast drunk at a bar. When they saw each other they both knew that from then on, they'd be best pals. Gregkast got Crystaall out of many impossible situations which Crystaall always brags that she rescued herself when drunk at a local catina. Her clumsiness got her into situations a well trained jedi would never get into....but Crystaall wasn't particularly a Jedi. Finding Ben Kenobi and Tatooine, she learned what she could from the aged Jedi but was glad he was watching over young Luke. She got Kenobi's meaning of Anikan Skywalker turning into Darth Vader easily and was angered by how the Chosen One could have been turned easily (saw Sidious v. Windu from atop a nearby building, but never saw Anikan's deception for she fell off in awe and cuaght herself on a ledge). After leaving Tatooine in Greg's freighter, they were later boarded above Naboo and captured by an Imperial Star Destroyer. Vader apparantly being on the ship at the time almost killed Gregkast which sent Crystaall in a rage which almost would have sent Vader flying into space if she was fully trained. She was released momments later, but gregkast was kept prisoner. Infiltrating the unfinished Death Star (after The Force Unleashed), Crystaall later rescues Gregkast only to be brutally shocked by the Emporer before getting to Gregkast, leaving marks unable to be healed by even a bacta tank.